Which kitchen cabinets to choose to match your interior design?

Kitchen Cabinets 27

Would you like to renovate your kitchen or create a new one that blends in perfectly with your interior decor? Discover our tips for choosing the right kitchen cabinets to match your decorating style.

For a modern look, opt for cabinets in cool colors like white or gray. Choose modern, high-gloss materials such as polymer, waxed concrete or marble. An open kitchen with a central island is also perfect for modern decor.

If you prefer a rustic decor, choose solid wood or non-wood cabinets in a light shade to enlarge the space. Add a stamped sink for added charm. Opt for brass or copper handles for an authentic touch.

For Scandinavian decor, choose light-toned cabinets and natural materials such as wood or stone for your credenza and worktop. You can go for originality with a two-tone kitchen or with trendy colors like sage green or dark terracotta.

At Armoire en gros in Montreal, our kitchen experts can help you create or renovate your kitchen to perfectly match your interior decor. Contact us to find out more.

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