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Are you looking for a timeless family kitchen? Would you like to highlight wood and warm colors in your living space? We recommend the rustic kitchen. This timeless kitchen style is perfect for family homes. If you’re a lover of nature and large, convivial meals, find out more about the benefits of rustic kitchens and how to choose the right rustic kitchen cabinets for your decor.

The rustic chic kitchen

The rustic kitchen is characterized by wooden furniture and natural kitchen cabinets. Depending on your preferences, you can choose different types of wood with dark or much lighter tones. If you want to create a modern, chic rustic kitchen space, we advise you to choose a light wood shade to bring luminosity to your room.

The rustic chic kitchen can be created in a variety of colors, such as white, wood, pearl gray or sage. You can also add stone facings to bring authenticity to your kitchen decor. This type of kitchen is perfect for family homes.

Why opt for a rustic kitchen?

A classic, timeless style

The rustic kitchen is a timeless kitchen style. Present for decades, this type of kitchen design is a decorating classic. Over time, the rustic style has evolved from very dark wood kitchen cabinets with lots of molding to lighter, less worked kitchen cabinets and fronts.

By choosing a rustic chic kitchen style, you’re sure to adopt a classic design that won’t go out of style. If you’re looking to sell or rent your property, opt for light, neutral colors to brighten up your room and make it easier to fall in love with.

A warm kitchen design

The rustic kitchen is perfect if you want to create a warm, cocooning space in your living room. This type of kitchen creates a warm atmosphere that invites sharing and conviviality. With raw, noble materials like wood or stone, the rustic kitchen easily enhances your home or apartment. At Armoire de cuisine Montréal, we offer a wide range of choices for your rustic kitchen decor, so you can create a kitchen that reflects your personality.

A more natural kitchen

If you like natural materials, the rustic kitchen is for you. Kitchen cabinets and fronts are generally made of wood. You can choose raw or worked wood, depending on your preferences. This type of natural material allows you to choose an eco-designed kitchen that’s more respectful of the environment. The rustic chic kitchen lets you create a retro atmosphere in your home. With its beautiful, noble natural materials, it enhances your living space and lets you enjoy a warm, friendly kitchen all year round. Discover all our kitchen cabinetry and professional services to create the kitchen of your dreams in Montreal.

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