Renovation of the kitchen using State of the art rules. In Montreal, it is possible to use hardwood or teak for the price of melamine!

Kitchen Renovation Montreal 23

Why buy new when you can renovate?

Times are now leading us towards recycling and renovation to counter-act the excessive consumption in recent decades. The furniture sector is catching on, and some manufacturers are also offering this kind of service.

Please be aware that my company Armoires En Gros makes it a point of honour to repair and renovate kitchens that need it or deserve it rather than rebuilding everything from scratch. Whatever the structure, the layout, the materials used (hardwood, melamine, acrylic, laminate, and so forth.), we have the know-how and expertise to restore your kitchen to its former glory or even improve it and make it more brilliant than ever! Be careful; our kitchens do not go so far as to win a star for the Michelin guide, that is your responsibility!

“A heart of valiant Quebecois, nothing impossible” is my motto when I approach work and embark on a renovation project for a private individual or a specific brand. Considering that nothing is out of reach and that everything can be restored, I choose my collaborators based on these principles, and our job is to provide you with the best that can be achieved within a reasonable time frame.

To do this, in addition to a thorough knowledge of various trades (wood, construction, crafts), rigour, organization and method are also essential and, therefore, privileged areas of work. We are even equipped to carry out the project from start to finish, which means that we can come on-site to take the measurements (or ask you for them, the choice is yours) and provide you with a projection of what your new kitchen will look like once finished.

What type of renovations do we do?

Armoires En Gros is starting to build an outstanding reputation, not only in Montreal but also in Dorval, Lasalle, Pointe-Claire, Beaconsfield, Pierrefonds and even Sainte-Anne de Bellevue! However, our best advertising does not cost us much, as it is our customers who do it! Admit that this is the most intelligent way to promote it, yes, but to achieve this, you still have to offer services that meet customer expectations! Not only in terms of quality and price, but also when it comes to providing diversity in the services provided, and these are the three areas in which, in all humility, it would seem that we excel significantly!

If you need to knock down a wall, move a partition, demolish part of a room or have built-in furniture made, we know how to do it.

If you need us to do some plumbing, depending on the work you have ordered from us, for example, to make a connection in your kitchen, it is still our responsibility. If the renovation requires us to take care of the lighting, we are perfectly qualified. We know the safe and standardized implementation. If the renovation includes cabinetry work, why not, for example, doors, windows or patio doors, which need to be modified or manufactured, once again Armoires En Gros knows how to do even better, Armoires En Gros knows how to do VERY WELL! Don’t deny yourself our services, our prices defy all competition, just like the quality of our work, and it is our customers who say so!

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