Renovating your bathroom in Montreal – What does a real “Turnkey Solution” look like in Quebec?

Bathroom cabinets

Such joy, such despair! And yes, spring has arrived in Montreal and with spring has come the time, not for songs and laughter, but to fix up your bathroom. As we all know, renovating the bathroom is never a pleasure. Material problems, miscalculations, hazardous installations, nerve attacks, spats. No, no, no, no, it’s time to transform this discouraging experience, at first glance, into an enjoyable activity. How may you ask? Well, by renovating your bathroom in Montreal with Armoires En Gros, of course!

Our approach to bathroom renovation: Expertise and meticulous work ethic.

Thanks to our expertise and meticulous work ethic, you can be sure that you have entrusted your project to specialists in bathroom renovation. Our end-to-end solution comes in several stages for a result that is what you expect, precisely. Indeed, by our conception of the project from beginning to end, we adopt a linear progression with an exact order from which you are the starting point. Thanks to our many years of experience, you can sleep soundly. We’ll take care of the rest!

Demolition, installation of partitions and electrical work also included

Among the many services we provide, you should note that our teams are in charge of demolishing furniture, sinks and other unwanted components. We will also take care of the electrical installation and piping, not forgetting the lighting, a critical element that brings clarity to this room that is in constant need of it. At Armoires En Gros, we don’t forget any detail, so don’t hesitate to ask us to add any interior walls, including plasterboard.

Waterproofing and ventilation? We think of everything!

Concerning waterproofing, you will no longer have to worry about mildew on the walls and ceiling. Woodworking (as you can see in the picture above), exhaust fans, counters and radiators, are also our passion.

Shower cubicles worthy of a four-star hotel

Finally, let’s move on to the central part of any bathroom, the shower cubicle. As the picture below clearly shows, a beautiful shower cubicle worthy of a four-star hotel, as everyone dreams of, is far from being a distant dream. Just imagine the pleasant surprise of your guests when they visit your home and discover a bathroom similar to that of their last hotel room!

If you still have any doubts about renovating your bathroom, take the time to visit our website, discuss it with our team, and we will be able to give you professional advice! And if you choose to renovate your bathroom, with Armoires En Gros, the result will be like the one you have in mind, or even better!

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