Refacing kitchen cabinets in Montreal – A perfect solution with minimal cost?

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets 19

Have you heard of refacing? In Montreal as well as in the West Island, refacing is all the rage. And for a good reason.

Perhaps you are one of those who say: “Renovate my kitchen? Never! Never! “And when you hear about kitchen renovations involving the demolition or replacement of all your kitchen furniture, you look up to the heavens and say, “As long as it’s not me.” And yet, you wouldn’t mind a little special treatment for your beloved kitchen. Indeed, it is getting a little old, and you can see the signs of wear and tear in different places. So, rather than opting for renovation, you would like to try refacing kitchen cabinets in due form!

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Redo your kitchen, without changing it, that’s what refacing is all about!

And you’re right! Refacing is THE solution when the kitchen needs a facelift, but the layout that you have carefully chosen and supervised does not need to be changed. Also, you will be able to see that your furnishings will be even more functional! With your refacing project, not only do you renovate your kitchen, but you also save money. Indeed, a refacing plan is much more cost-effective. It is your purse that will (also) be happy!


Cabinet doors, counters, worktops, we take care of everything

During a refacing, you will have all the time to replace the cupboard doors (see photo above) and counters, for example, as well as the drawers, which you can recondition with new compartments and front panels. The same goes for crown moldings and breadboards, which can be substituted. Is this not enough? Well, just so you are aware, we also propose to redesign the sliding shelves, modules and turntables, bins and recycling bins that extend under the sink. And let’s not forget the name of our company either, because, at Armoires En Gros, we modify our cabinets and offer new ones. We are bringing these worn-out cupboards back to life (see an example below).

So, as you will have understood, it is a question of giving your kitchen a boost if you find that it has become outdated. Thanks to our experience and expertise in Montreal and the West Island, we will be able to carry out the project you want, replace and refurbish the parts of your kitchen that you want to see restored, all without touching the layout of your beloved room! You will be entitled to expert work, and, at a discounted price! So, are you still hesitating?

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