Polymer kitchen cabinets in the West Island of Montreal: A wide range of custom-made kitchens

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When we talk about polymer kitchens – what is actually behind this exceptional material?

Today, advances and technology have made it possible to develop all kinds of synthetic materials with diverse and varied uses. All sectors of activity have benefited from these advances and kitchen cabinet manufacturers are no exception.

When we talk about polymers, we are in the modern world since their development and use are recent. Polymers offer a wide range of benefits that few natural materials can offer, all at a very acceptable price. To make it simple, we cover an MDF panel with a layer of this famous polymer, which we then stick by heating action.

Over time, the compositions of the polymers have become more refined, and now they offer the necessary resistance to heat, humidity, weight constraints, and so on.

Note that there are several types of polymers, not only in terms of the colours offered but also in terms of textures and touch, which can be perfectly smooth, lacquered or a little more granular, it is up to you to make a choice.

The advantages of our polymer kitchen cabinets

In addition to the high quality of our cabinets, at Armoires En Gros, we make it a point of honour to provide advice and tips to our customers concerning the project they have in mind. Many years of experience have enabled us to avoid certain traps and to avoid certain constraints inherent to the installation or construction context.

Armoires En Gros sometimes advises its customers who are a little undecided and who have a somewhat limited budget, obviously depending on the project and the atmosphere, to turn to the polymer kitchen cabinet solution. We are here to match our offer as closely as possible to your request and not to place our most expensive products. It is important to underline this. An artisan must respect his profession, and just because we want to offer the best on the market, does not mean that we must provide it at a high price!

Our polymer kitchen cabinets are of excellent quality, available in several models and colours, and many custom finishes can be considered. We work according to a traditional method to the millimetre so that our cabinets have no visible seams, which gives a genuinely refined visual result. Also, our polymers offer a longer service life than most melamine’s and are very easy to maintain, so take a look at our offers!

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