Polymer, acrylic or lacquered kitchens – the choice of colours will surprise you

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Our polymer, acrylic or lacquered kitchens – the choice of colours will surprise you

A kitchen cabinet that suits you, we know it’s not only the right material but also the right colour. And here again, Armoires en Gros offers you an unprecedented choice with its specificity for each colour.

The cabinets are resistant with a glossy finish without being expensive: because the polymer is here

Firstly, our Polymer kitchen cabinets are made by wrapping MDF with Polymer. As a result, they have a shiny and elegant finish and are highly resistant to moisture. Available in many colours, they are also easy to maintain, and their price is far from excessive. In fact, for those who like glossy finishes, but don’t want to ruin themselves, these are the perfect cabinets for you!

Acrylic, the most resistant and most straightforward to maintain

Secondly, you have the option of opting for acrylic kitchen cabinets. We make these by applying a layer of methacrylate with a glossy finish to both sides of an MDF panel. Since they are highly resistant to moisture and easy to maintain, they can be the right choice. You can choose from a multitude of colours. Another one of their qualities? They are resistant to the sun’s rays, so don’t worry too much if they are exposed to the sun. As for the risk of cracks and scratches, you will need to apply a polishing cream at least once a year.

Lacquer cabinets, the ultimate in lacquer, available at any time.

Finally, are the lacquered kitchen cabinets still to be presented? They have a transparent or coloured finish that will dry by evaporation of the solvent or by a smoking process that will produce a solid finish. Available in a multitude of colours and therefore, with different degrees of gloss, you will see that the solid finish will prove to be resistant and will stand up to the ravages of time. Besides, these cabinets are waterproof and have a regular colouring. The colours are uniform and can be used to furnish your kitchen as you wish.

An unprecedented choice of colour and finish for which we are at your disposal

As you will have understood, you have a choice when it comes to polymer, acrylic or lacquered kitchens. Maybe even a lot of options. However, each finish and colour has its specificities and accompanies you throughout life and your trips to the kitchen. We are sure you will make the right choice!

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