Polyester kitchen cabinets – Easy to clean and stylish!

Kitchen Renovation Montreal 20

The Miracle of Quebec in Polyester!

When you have already bought or acquired a kitchen cabinet, you will quickly notice that the price ranges are vast, for products, which, in appearance, are mostly the same!

The question arises as to where such differences occur, and our policy is clear full transparency. This leads us to make a statement that surprises us every day but makes us all happy at Armoires En Gros: we manufacture the “cream” of kitchen cabinets, and we offer them at prices that the competition cannot match, at an equal quality!


But we have not confined ourselves to this, we have decided to apply this pricing policy to everything that will come out of our workshops, everything that will pass through our hands of expert craftsmen. Polyester kitchen cabinets are no exception to this rule, and we certify that the ones we produce and install are of very high quality.

Nothing could be easier, come and see the projects we have completed and get an idea for yourself. Or come and discuss your plans, your desires. Come and have a look before choosing a particular design.

It’s not just the price, but it still counts! Brilliant!

It is evident that when you decide to furnish your kitchen with cupboards, you do so with the idea that they will last for many years, at least until you get tired of them!

Rest assured, our polyester kitchen cabinets are not only beautiful and stylish, but they are also very robust.

You can rest assured that Polyester is very resistant to mould, insects and other stains that could appear in a kitchen environment. The material is also very resistant to heat. It does not distort over the long term, making it an ideal and loyal partner for those who will be busy in the kitchen to prepare small snacks or to prepare sumptuous meals to eat at official dinners!

Finally, know that our cabinets are very affordable, and it would probably be a shame not to inquire simply because, in your opinion, it seemed that they must be unaffordable. Armoires En Gros highlights its pricing policy, and it’s not for nothing!

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