Laminated kitchen cabinets: luxury, comfort and resilience in addition to being robust.

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The luxury and comfort of the laminated cabinets tones

Armoires En Gros is a Montreal-based handcraft company that specializes in hardwood. Still, we have decided to diversify our offer, and we also offer very high-quality laminated kitchen cabinets.

Laminate is a relatively modern process, which ultimately gives a very modern look and allows us to obtain different textures by applying laminated wood to MDF panels. It is a perfect technique for kitchen cabinets, as it offers excellent resistance to water, humidity and intensive use.


Very easy to maintain, capturing light well, laminate is an exciting product because it is very balanced and at a price more than affordable for everyone. It offers a beautifully smooth and hard surface, which is available in a wide variety of colours. Do not hesitate to ask, because some customers have been surprised to see all the shades and themes proposed; it can sometimes give ideas! We seldom consider laminate to be entry-level, but this is not our way of seeing things at Armoires En Gros, especially for all the qualities we have just listed above.

Your kitchen cabinet can be practical, pretty and inexpensive; it’s possible!

As we know, price is also a decisive factor in a purchase decision. In Montreal, as everywhere else, it is essential to position yourself correctly when it comes to price, and well at Armoires En Gros, we have made this one of our priorities. We consider that guaranteeing a very high standard of quality for our kitchen cabinet projects, is not an excuse to overcharge the customer.

It is undoubtedly this philosophy that makes us so competitive, and perhaps also the love of our profession!

Whether we talk about laminated kitchens or hardwood, we take the work in the same way, with the same seriousness and meticulousness. Our kitchen cabinets are all designed, manufactured, then installed and adjusted with the same attention to detail, which has become a real trademark in Montreal. Ask our customers, read the reviews on Google, we consider it the best promotion there is, and it costs nothing, except seriousness and elbow grease!

In any case, we will be at your disposal for your project, and our laminated kitchen cabinets will serve their purpose for many years to come. Their colours will not fade, and their solidity will be legendary, we guarantee it! Whether you have a contemporary or even modern kitchen or your interior has a more traditional atmosphere, they will be the perfect companion when preparing meals, while furnishing the whole and not denoting. Draw your plans and sketch out what you would like; we will look into it immediately!

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