Kitchen cabinets: new trends for 2023

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Looking to buy a new kitchen? Do you dream of renovating your old kitchen and having a trendy kitchen for 2023? Colors, materials, layout, discover the new kitchen trends for this new year.

A colorful kitchen

In recent years, the famous immaculate white kitchen has given way to more colors. In 2022, terracotta and sage made their appearance in kitchens. The trend continues in 2023 with ever more colorful kitchens. Red is even back in the kitchen. After the red lacquered kitchens of the 2000s, the trend is now towards deep, rich brick red. Blue and green are also very much in vogue for 2023.

If you’re afraid of leaving these colors on your kitchen units, you can also consider a two-tone kitchen with colored units on the bottom and more neutral fronts on your high cabinets. This gives your room more depth and a unique personality. You can also consider adding touches of color with the accessories on your worktop, for example.

A more natural kitchen

In 2023, ecology will also be present in the kitchen. The trend for wooden kitchens is confirmed. This noble material emits no pollutants, unlike plastic fronts. What’s more, wood is a hard-wearing surface that lasts a long time if properly cared for.

Raw materials such as marble and stone are also very popular. This type of material brings a touch of luxury and authenticity to your kitchen. Opt for light tones to brighten up your room, especially if you’re short on space. For very large spaces, don’t hesitate to play on the contrasts between the different materials used for added cachet.

A more spacious kitchen

The new kitchen in 2023 is increasingly adapted to your living space. As living spaces become smaller and smaller, ingenious kitchen cabinetry is on offer. If you’ve got a small floor area, you can make the most of the vertical surface with ceiling-high cabinets for extra storage space. Don’t hesitate to exploit every space in your room to create small niches, custom-made shelves or small storage units for cutlery, spices or decoration. Avoid weighing down your space with unnecessary knick-knacks and clear the worktop to create your own room. You can also create a small kitchen island or bars to extend your worktop and create a space for meals. A trendy kitchen in 2023 is possible with Armoire en gros in Montreal. Our teams of professionals will work with you to define your project, adapting to your budget and tastes. We offer a collection of kitchen cabinets in every style, at the lowest possible cost. Book an appointment today.

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