How do you organize your kitchen cabinets?

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets 16

A tidy, optimized kitchen saves you time and keeps you motivated to cook day after day. Whether your kitchen is small or very spacious, there are tricks you can use to better organize your cupboards, closets and drawers and save storage space. Find out how to organize your kitchen cabinets with our tips.

Choose drawers instead of shelves

If you’re looking to buy a new kitchen or renovate your kitchen cabinets with a refacing, prefer cabinets with built-in drawers to traditional cabinets with shelves. Cupboards with shelves are harder to store, and items placed at the back of the cupboard are often forgotten.

Kitchen cabinets with built-in drawers are more expensive to buy, but they make your daily life easier. Drawers make it easier to organize and optimize your space. What’s more, it helps you see all your kitchen utensils at a glance. So you can organize your space more easily and cook more efficiently. This type of storage is also perfect for organizing your dry goods in your pantry.

Add transparent containers

To create optimal organization in your kitchen cupboards, don’t hesitate to invest in transparent containers. To store all your dry foods, you can choose to transfer them into transparent plastic or glass containers.

By choosing containers of the same size, you improve storage and save space in your kitchen cupboards. What’s more, with this type of container, your food is better preserved, as it is protected from humidity. Plastic refrigerator containers are also available, ideal for organizing your fridge.

Storage for every utensil

If you’re having trouble organizing the various drawers and shelves in your kitchen cupboards, there are plenty of storage compartments for every type of kitchen utensil. For example, you can opt for tailor-made storage for your cutlery and utensil drawers, adapting each element to the size you require to create personalized storage to suit your needs and your crockery.

On your various shelves, don’t hesitate to add revolving trays to help you visualize your food stock in just a few moments. You can also add half-shelves to your cupboards to gain height and better organize your dishes. Under your sink, consider storing your various household products in plastic bins to optimize storage. You can also add a side bar to hang all your spray products and save space. There are a number of specific storage solutions for kitchen cabinets, such as organizers for cutting boards, cake molds, storage boxes, etc. Armoire en gros will work with you to create a customized kitchen with storage solutions tailored to your needs. From drawer units to sliding shelves and garbage can units, our teams offer a wide range of solutions to create the kitchen of your dreams within your budget.

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