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A few words to know what precisely veneered wood is

When we talk about cabinets in general and kitchen cabinets in particular, when we talk about wood, we immediately think of an all-wood cabinet, except for hinges, handles, and the like.

All wood is also called ” hardwood ” and the veneering technique, which interests us here, consists in giving the appearance of hardwood, without it being so. The main advantage of veneered wood is undoubtedly its price, much more affordable than teak, but what about the quality of the cabinet itself and the technique used?

A wood veneer consists of one or more thin slices of wood glued on the base of a panel (very often MDF) sized and cut according to the cabinet template.

The price argument, which we have already mentioned, is coupled with an ecological argument because you can imagine that veneer is infinitely less raw material-intensive than hardwood construction. However, you don’t give up anything in terms of aesthetics; we guarantee it. The final result will be as elegant, friendly and warm as if made of hardwood.

One of the other advantages of veneered wood for your kitchen cabinets is the greater diversity of varieties available. Although we offer many types of wood for our hardwood work, the possibilities will be greater if you choose wood veneer.

Contemporary, classic, rural or urban, wood can do it all!

Whatever the style you want to give to your interior and kitchen, veneered wood adapts and will faithfully reproduce the solid wood look of the species you have chosen. Resolutely modern with refined lines, or simply classic, in the style of the kitchens of yesteryear, we also offer various colours, materials and cuts to adapt to each project and each request since it is your interior that is at stake. A wood veneer kitchen will allow you to express your refined and modern style while remaining thrifty.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience over time, and we will be able to provide you with all the advice you need. Similarly, if you are undecided about this or that detail, do not hesitate to let us know, our job also consists in proposing ideas and solutions that a non-professional might not have thought!

Our veneered wooden cabinets are an undeniable success, and for a good reason, top of the range in terms of quality, but also offered at prices that suit all budgets! Robust, practical and classy, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come, and you will not regret having called on our expertise.

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