Custom-made kitchen cabinets in Lasalle: solid wood, wood veneer or MDF?

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Custom-made kitchen cabinets in Lasalle: solid wood, wood veneer or MDF – The advantages and disadvantages

Custom-made kitchen cabinets in Lasalle: Did you know that a small team works traditionally to make custom-made kitchen cabinets?

That’s it. The decision made! You have chosen to renovate the kitchen cabinets. You have taken the measurements, said “goodbye” one last time to your old cabinets. Everything is ready. Everything? No, you have not yet chosen the material to build your next cabinets. And here we can say that you have the choice: solid wood? Wood veneer? MDF? You no longer know where to look, and these names make you dizzy. Don’t worry about it! We will explain everything, and yes, that’s the way we are at Armoires En Gros!

A solid wooden cabinet so beautiful and resistant in perfect harmony with your interior, whatever it may be

First of all, you should be aware that solid wood cabinets are made from a variety of woods, making all cabinets beautiful and hard-wearing. Therefore, please note that solid wood cabinets will be easy to maintain. For those who are concerned about whether these cabinets will match their interior, it should be pointed out that these cabinets are available in several colours. Also, you can choose cabinets made from exotic wood. Finally, we offer different shapes: shaker, high panel, and many more.

Note, however, that these cabinets could be a little more expensive than the others and that they will require a bit more time to be manufactured. To compensate for this, we certify your prices among the lowest on the market and production times as reduced as our careful work allows us. Also, the humidity level of the room should be monitored, as it could damage the surface – unless you opt for a pro seal or a quartz countertop, as shown in the photo.

Wood veneer, a noble and very resistant material, you can trust us on this

Then, we also offer you veneered wood cabinets. We make these from a variety of laminated wood. They are also easy to maintain and remain available in all shades. You are sure to find the right one for you. Any other strong points? Note that the wooden veneer does not absorb moisture and will not show any distortion or cracks.

However, we often hear that moisture can be a problem. This kind of inconvenience only occurs if poorly qualified technicians take care of the installation; our technicians are all highly skilled, so you will have nothing to worry about in that respect!

MDF, low prices and outstanding performance: the perfect compromise?

Finally, MDF kitchen cabinets (Low-Density Fibreboard) are available at low prices and feature perfect surfaces that are flawless. They do not warp or crack either. They are easy to clean and will only require a damp sponge or cloth to clean any stains.
But, once again, some people are reporting small flakes or damage due to heat and water. This situation only occurs when the equipment is not treated or is only installed by a panel of experts who are not well acquainted with their work. Thus, we can provide you with the best service regarding the treatment of the cabinets and the installation so that these scenarios are nothing more than a bad dream.

So, have you already made your choice? If you have any further questions, we are at your complete disposal.

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