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Looking for a timeless kitchen that flatters your interior design? Why not opt for a contemporary kitchen! This type of kitchen design adapts to many interiors and easily enhances your home. Color, layout, design, materials, quickly discover all the advantages of a contemporary kitchen for your kitchen renovation or creation project in Montreal.

The contemporary kitchen

The contemporary kitchen is a room that opens onto the living area. It invites sharing. It is functional, aesthetic and modern. This type of kitchen is very popular with homeowners, as it can easily be adapted to your interior decor.

Contemporary kitchens are generally U-shaped. If you have plenty of space for your kitchen, we recommend creating a central island in your contemporary kitchen. Sober colors are the preferred choice for this type of kitchen. White contemporary kitchens are still very much in vogue, as they bring in a lot of light, especially if you have a small space. Darker shades, such as gray, are also perfectly suited to a contemporary kitchen.

Why opt for a contemporary kitchen?

A timeless style

The contemporary kitchen is a timeless style that’s always popular. This type of kitchen can be adapted to any interior decor and can be chosen when creating or renovating a kitchen. It mainly features sober colors that remain timeless. By opting for top-quality materials, you can be sure of a durable, long-lasting kitchen that will never go out of fashion.

A functional, user-friendly kitchen design

Contemporary kitchens also offer a warm, functional living space. This type of kitchen is generally open to the living area. For the layout, we recommend a U or L shape. The central island is one of the hallmarks of contemporary kitchens.

This type of layout gives you maximum storage space. Tall units, base units, columns and pedestals make it easy to store your utensils and groceries on a daily basis. To bring even more conviviality to your contemporary kitchen, we recommend creating an eating area directly on your central island.

A kitchen to suit your lifestyle

In your contemporary kitchen, consider installing accessories to make your daily life easier. You can choose to create a water inlet just above your hob to fill your pots and pans more quickly. Don’t hesitate to create a space dedicated to everyday appliances, built directly into a storage column. The addition of a recycling garbage can in your base units is also essential in a contemporary kitchen. The contemporary kitchen is a timeless classic in interior design. Elegant and warm, this type of kitchen blends perfectly into any type of home. To create or renovate your kitchen in Montreal, trust Armoire en gros. We’re with you every step of the way for your custom kitchen project.

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