Change your kitchen on a budget with kitchen refacing

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Would you like to renovate your kitchen or give your cabinets a facelift? Instead of changing all your cabinets, why not opt for kitchen refacing? This new method lets you change your kitchen on a budget. Find out all you need to know about this revolutionary technique in our article.

What is kitchen refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a renovation method that lets you change the whole look of your kitchen on a budget and in a very short time. With refacing, only the doors of your kitchen are changed. It’s possible to change them completely, or simply modify their color or add moldings.

The benefits of kitchen refacing?

Kitchen refacing is an interesting option in many situations. If you’ve just bought a new home and want to modify the kitchen at a lower cost, refacing allows you to adapt the kitchen to your tastes and interior design.

If you’re investing in real estate or renting, refacing is also a real asset. In just a few days, you can add real value to your space and rent it out more easily.

If you want to modernize your old kitchen with a minimum of investment, refacing by Armoires en gros can help. By changing your cabinet doors, you can change the overall look of your kitchen and modernize it at a lower cost.

Finally, it’s possible to carry out a kitchen refacing before selling your property. By renovating your kitchen at a lower cost, you can hope to sell it more quickly and at a better price.

How does kitchen refacing work?

Armoire en gros offers you a professional kitchen refacing service for a stunning before-and-after result. To begin with, you need to define your project, what you want to change, the choice of colors, materials, moldings, etc. Then measurements are taken to create a new kitchen.

Then measurements are taken to create cabinet doors that fit perfectly with existing furniture. Depending on your needs, our teams will create new custom-made kitchen fronts for you. Your old doors are then dismantled and the new ones fitted and adjusted to your cabinetry.

During a refacing, it is possible to make numerous modifications to your kitchen, such as :

  • modifying cabinet doors and countertops
  • modify drawer fronts and pedestals
  • adding moldings
  • adding sliding shelves to cupboards and cabinets
  • modify your existing kitchen cabinets to optimize your storage space
  • add new kitchen cabinets to expand your space

Refacing is an inexpensive and very quick way to renovate your kitchen. It’s the best option for modernizing and modifying your kitchen on a budget. Thanks to Armoire en gros and their team of professionals, you can create the kitchen of your dreams for less.

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