Both Classical and Modern: The Quartz Counter

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Quartz is both elegant and ageless

At Armoires En Gros, we offer turnkey kitchen solutions, and as a result, our offer is very diversified. For example, we offer the manufacture and installation of quartz countertops. Combining both aesthetics and practicality, both design and trend, this type of counter has many significant advantages. Refined and extremely easy to clean and maintain, their material offers excellent impact resistance and is available in several colours according to our customers’ requirements.

Whoever is playing ‘Chef,’ and juggling with pots, pans, bowls, and plates, as well as with all the ingredients of the world of culinary art, knows this: the kitchen, and more precisely its work surface is an almost mythical place and sacred at times. Armoires En Gros likes to respect and cultivate this art of living, to create this place that only requires you, to make it the instrument by which so many taste buds will soon be ignited.

The quartz counter is a popular alternative, so if you haven’t already done so, we would advise you to take a look at this concept and the different versions we can offer you. Who knows if that won’t give you some ideas?

Kitchens for all tastes and at affordable prices

Our Armoires En Gros team has made a name for itself through word of mouth, and sometimes even beyond Montreal. We are proud of this because from our point of view it represents a guarantee of both quality and trust. However, I must also point out that the brand’s pricing policy is transparent. We charge the right price, and it is often lower than what people who use our services expect, including the quartz counters.

Antibacterial and composed of 95% quartz and 5% polymer resin, this is a real worktop that is both very large and robust. You will be able to spread out in the wide widths when it is time to heat the plates or the oven!

Note that quartz goes well with various other materials such as stone, wood or stainless steel. You will then be able to draw up your plans and seek advice. Each kitchen configuration leads to small adjustments or various specific or unexpected features with which you have to learn to juggle. We have the experience and know-how, it is our job to deal with, always in consultation with the customer, of course!

Whether your interior is modern with many different materials and colours, or more classical with natural materials, whatever the colour tones or atmosphere, you will find the right colour to match perfectly with the overall design. Take a look, choose what you need to make a great kitchen before you start to cook.

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