Acrylic kitchen cabinets “10,000 COLORS” have arrived at Armoires en Gros

Kitchen Renovation Montreal 27

Acrylic cabinets are a great success in Montreal

During the 20th century, advances in chemistry saw the creation of a whole arsenal of materials that made it possible to replace those traditionally used, wood, stone, ceramics, iron – all essential elements for the construction of a kitchen that have been gradually replaced by synthetic solutions during the 20th century.

While Armoires En Gros specializes in the manufacture of solid wood kitchens (at the price of melamine!), these new synthetic materials have not left us indifferent, especially since they offer design possibilities with visually magnificent and resolutely modern colors.

In a nutshell, here is the process of creating our panels from which we make our acrylic kitchen cabinets: the acrylic is applied in a thin film on our MDF boards according to a perfectly controlled process. This technique allows us to obtain a glossy, very stylish and luxurious finish that is appreciated by our customers.

Make no mistake about it, the very affordable price of our acrylic kitchen cabinets often surprises our customers when they see the exceptional quality once installed.

Indeed, our reputation is based mainly on the realization of a tour de force, where we succeed in reaching the highest level of quality at the most competitive price. The price is not everything. We have built our reputation by ensuring that our made to measure kitchens, fit perfectly into the existing layout. We are meeting our customers’ wishes in terms of style, color and design.

A designer’s acrylic kitchen is excellent. YOUR designer acrylic kitchen is better!

When we meet at your home, it is essential to create an interior that reflects you so that you feel “at home.” As you may have guessed, your kitchen is no exception. The challenge is to help you make the right decision about which kitchen material best suits your needs in terms of required functionality, while at the same time, it is essential to create a style with the colors, materials and design that suits you. For lovers of colors and smooth surfaces, our acrylic cabinets are an ideal compromise for those who love the quality of a tailor-made and chic kitchen, but who do not want to ruin themselves when buying.

Having the possibility to customize your kitchen cabinets according to your ideas and your needs in terms of practicality will undoubtedly be a significant plus. For example, at Armoires En Gros, we offer several different borders for your acrylic kitchen, which provides the possibility to give an even more personal touch.
Entirely resistant to water, heat and humidity, our acrylic kitchen cabinets have all the advantages of a modern and durable kitchen. Therefore, we invite you to send us your plans and come and meet us to discuss your project. And if you have any challenges in imagining how your kitchen could look, we are at your disposal to achieve the desired result.

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