A whole range of MDF kitchen cabinets – Custom-made in a small Montreal workshop

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What’s behind the 3 enigmatic letters of an MDF kitchen?

Furniture in general, and kitchen cabinets in particular, need to be particularly resistant, especially to moisture, which can sometimes cause problems in the long term (mold, mildew, etc.). In a kitchen, this is simply unthinkable, which is why the cabinets themselves, as well as their installation, must be entrusted to expert hands.

Armoires En Gros knows how to get around these problems, and for those who want to, we offer a whole range of MDF-based kitchen cabinets. For the record, MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard.

We specialize in solid wood, but have also acquired other expertise, notably in MDF. MDF differs from solid wood and veneer in that a layer of lacquer or varnish is applied to a panel made from wood shavings or residues, compacted and bonded with a dedicated resin. The lacquer or varnish gives the panel a perfect, very smooth finish, a clean, crisp look that’s particularly suited to a room like the kitchen, where hygiene must be impeccable! The technique was discovered somewhat by accident in the USA in 1966, but has since been prodigiously improved to the point where it accounts for around half of worldwide sales. It has to be said that its price is a major contributor to its success, as it is much lower than its “wood” competitors, without offering any genuinely inferior quality.

MDF kitchen cabinets are all the rage, and that’s not about to change!

MDF technology offers extreme versatility at every level. Depending on the style of the kitchen, the ambience and the color, it can be used for a very clean, sober and efficient look, for something more classic, more plush, why not with moldings around the doors, or it can be used for a resolutely contemporary or even innovative look, with shapes and colors to match. Everything is possible, depending on the location, of course, because we sometimes forget certain constraints imposed by the site, but that’s up to us, and if need be, we’ll do everything we can to work around them and erase them!

MDF-based cabinets are extremely strong and durable, and will not shift over time. They’re stable, resistant to humidity and easy to maintain. This aspect is often overlooked in a single sentence, but when you’re using a kitchen on a daily basis, I can assure you that this famous little sentence has its importance and takes on its full meaning.

If you hadn’t considered this option, Armoires En Gros recommends that you take a look at it, because in addition to the price, which will no doubt surprise you, you’ll also be surprised at the multiplicity of possibilities offered by MDF. Our MDF kitchen cabinets can be combined with any type of interior, at prices that are truly more than affordable. Many Montrealers are delighted with our products, so don’t hesitate to ask for more information and/or read our customers’ reviews – they’re our pride and joy!

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