A kitchen made of melamine – A good quality budget solution to consider

Kitchen Renovation Montreal 16

Melamine kitchen cabinets

Armoires En Gros is a company proud of its Montreal origins and specializes in typical natural materials such as hardwood. Moreover, we decided not to limit ourselves to hardwood work for the construction of our kitchen cabinets, and we judged that certain synthetic materials such as a melamine kitchen could also allow stunning creations. We were delighted with it since a significant part of the clientele naturally turns to these more modern materials. Our know-how can then be put into action!

As regards customer satisfaction, we consider that it is the manufacturer’s and installer’s specifications that make the difference, regardless of the nature of the kitchen cabinet in question. Although we do offer an unrivalled hardwood work, at prices you won’t find anywhere else, it is also essential not to reduce to this one activity. We have decided to diversify, notably by offering melamine kitchen cabinets.

Our credo at Armoires En Gros is to offer exemplary quality, precise and meticulous work, at a price that has no competition.

The budget is acceptable, and the kitchen will be impeccable!

Our melamine kitchen cabinets are suitable for many types of interiors. We have tested it, and our creations show it, melamine goes almost everywhere, as long as the choice of colours is made with particular attention to design and matches the rest of your existing furniture. Modern or traditional kitchen, everything can be combined with melamine, and you can choose from a wide range of colours, while a meticulous finish allows you to adapt to any environment.

Melamine is ideally suited to resist heat and cold without warping and has a perfect service life. After many years, your cabinet will not have changed, and neither the stains nor the mould will damage it because the surfaces are treated.

Now all you have to do is start thinking about the configuration you would like to have in your kitchen, the layout you want and let us know your preferences. Your kitchen cabinet is designed, prepared, delivered and installed according to state-of-the-art standards, and in a surprisingly short time!

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