6 easy ways to maintain your kitchen cabinets

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Taking good care of your kitchen will keep your furniture looking its best for longer. By applying a few tricks on a daily basis, you can limit the premature wear and tear of your kitchen furniture. Find out how to care for your kitchen cabinets with ease.

1- Regular cleaning

To avoid spring-cleaning and rapid wear and tear, make sure you regularly maintain your kitchen cabinets and fronts. Every week, dust your kitchen cabinets with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dust without damaging your surface. Fronts made from high-quality materials like Armoire en Gros products are more resistant to stains and wear.

2- Choose the right cleaning products

Remember to choose the right cleaning products for your kitchen, depending on the materials you’ve chosen for your fronts: solid wood, acrylic, polymer, veneered panels and so on. It’s essential to choose a suitable cleaning product that won’t damage your cladding, and that allows you to quickly remove stains and grease.

3- Accentuate cleaning around sensitive areas

Certain areas of your kitchen are more prone to stains and dirt. These include the furniture around your hob, which is particularly prone to grease stains. And furniture close to your dishwasher can be easily splashed. You need to pay special attention to these areas as part of your daily cleaning routine.

4- Use soapy water every day

For fast, economical cleaning, soapy water is a good way to care for your furniture on a daily basis. Use warm water, a clean sponge and a little liquid soap. Apply to your fronts to clean small stains and dirt. Always wipe with a soft cloth to avoid leaving moisture on your furniture, especially if it’s made of solid wood.

5- Rubbing alcohol for greasy areas

Domestic spirit is an excellent product for removing grease stains around your hob. It’s also highly effective against stubborn dust. You can use it as part of your weekly cleaning routine to deep-clean your kitchen fronts and cabinets. In this case, pour a few drops onto a soft cloth and rub the area concerned. Finally, wipe with a second cloth to dry the front and avoid dampness.

6- Vinegar and bicarbonate for stubborn stains

If your cabinets need a more thorough cleaning, they can be cleaned with a white vinegar-based solution. Simply mix equal parts vinegar and lukewarm water. Then use a cloth to clean the area.

If you have very stubborn stains on your furniture, you can also make a paste from baking soda, which is a powerful descaler, and water. However, avoid using this type of detergent on wooden cabinets, as this is a more fragile material. With regular maintenance and household products adapted to the materials of your fronts, you can keep your kitchen in perfect condition for years to come. When you choose quality cabinetry from Armoires en Gros, you benefit from a professional finish that suits your budget.

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